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 Civil War Posters - Union & Confederate

Civil War Posters - Union & Confederate

415 Civil War posters archived on CD-ROM. Contains recruiting posters, deserter lists, meeting advertisements, posters for drives for war related charitable purposes, government proclamations, posters specially seeking the recruitment of black soldiers, political campaigns posters, and general field orders. The collection includes 36 Confederate posters.

The recruiting posters enticed men with patriotic appeals, enlistment bonuses, and promises of well supplied units with experienced officers. Patriotic imagery contributed to the appeal, and included eagles with wings spread, a cavalry officer with raised sword, a horrific battle scene contrasted with a peaceful scene in a northern village, and images of George Washington and other patriotic figures. Some posters were designed to appeal to certain segments of the population, and include posters in German, or with harps and shamrocks to appeal to an Irish constituency.

Highlights among the collection include: A notice from the Governor of Louisiana to the people of Louisiana pleading for donations of arms, because the Louisiana militia did not have enough guns. A proclamation from Major Benjamin Butler announcing to the people of New Orleans the occupation of the city by Union forces and a long list of rules the citizens of New Orleans were ordered to follow. A proclamation from General George A. Custer congratulating his soldiers of the Third Cavalry Division for their success in battle. An announcement from Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis, that Confederate troops would be pulled out of the CSA capital of Richmond, Virginia, ahead of Union troops capturing the city. Posters mentioning the 1863 New York draft riots. Wanted posters for John Wilkes Booth and other members of the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln.